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European piezo ceramic is a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products for customers in a wide range of industries:

  • aerospace,
  • automotive,
  • consumer,
  • engineering and design,
  • industrial,
  • manufacturing,
  • medical products,
  • military, and others.
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Our company can be found in Czech republic, Librice 115, 503 44 Librice.

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Requesting Quotes and Ordering from EPC

Requesting a Quote from EPC is simple.

We need only very basic contact information and the specifics of the product or products that you would like EPC to quote on. The information required to process a quote request can be submitted to EPC through our online quote request system or by contacting an EPC representative. To submit a quote request online please follow the appropriate link below. To request a quote over the phone please have the following information available:

  • your name, company name, company affiliation, and EPC Acc't # (if known)
  • your telephone number, e-mail address, and fax number (if available)
  • your location
  • the specifics of the item(s) for which you are requesting a quote
          - EPC catalogue number (if applicable)
          - drawings or sketches
          - dimensions and tolerances
          - material
          - electrode type and placement
          - quantity
          - testing requirements

EPC strives to quote most requests in two to three business days. However, some requests will take additional time. An EPC representative will notify you if your quote request will require additional time.

Ordering from EPC is also very simple.

To process your order we need:

  • The information required above to request a quote
  • The EPC SQ Number (if available)
  • A billing and shipping address
  • A method of payment (first-time orders are shipped COD, credit card, or prepayment wire transfer until credit has been established)
  • A delivery schedule

EPC does not accept orders through its online system. To place an order please contact an EPC representative with the above information.

Additional Information

EPC provides piezo ceramic elements manufactured to the strict tolerance values listed under the Tolerances section of our website. EPC can prepare piezo elements to tighter tolerances on request. EPC will also attach electrical leads and provide additional value added services on request. When requesting electrical leads please specify AWG and length and provide a drawing showing the desired location(s). Drawings and/or sketches are highly recommended when requesting a part with an electrode pattern

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