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European piezo ceramic is a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products for customers in a wide range of industries:

  • aerospace,
  • automotive,
  • consumer,
  • engineering and design,
  • industrial,
  • manufacturing,
  • medical products,
  • military, and others.
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Our company can be found in Czech republic, Librice 115, 503 44 Librice.

Piezokeramika Piezokeramika
Piezoelectric Materials from EPC International, Ltd.
  • highest purity materials,
  • wide selection of standard formed elements,
  • custom dimensions, shapes, electrode placement, etc.,
  • high volume production capability,
  • fast delivery.
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EPC International, Ltd. supplies piezo ceramic elements in a broad range of standard and custom shapes, prepared from our high quality lead zirconate titanate formulations and carefully machined to tight tolerances. We can attach electrical leads in standard or customized configurations. We also offer cylinders, ignitors, single crystals for piezo or optical applications, and high purity alumina parts.

Our knowledgeable information and sales personnel can help you design a project -- or select a ceramic composition and a piezo shape for an existing design. Simply contact an EPC representative and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Engineering and Design Services
Our skilled engineering staff and in-house research facilities enable us to offer a range of services to save you time, effort, and expense, including:

  • materials development,
  • custom assembly,
  • transducer design,
  • systems optimization,
  • custom joint development programs.
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